Half Priced Spa Day Special SAVE $150!!!

Half Priced Spa Day ending soon! Call us to book your service today and save before it ends! 860-347-3776.

Bring your bike in and our Service Professionals will bring it back to an "almost new" condition. With the complete disassembly, cleaning, regreasing, assembly and adjustment of your bicycle and its parts, it is the most comprehensive service that we offer. Here is what we do:

  • Safety Check
  • Remove all moving parts, clean, reassemble, and re-install.
  • Clean and regrease/reinstall all accessable bearings.
  • Clean and lube drivetrain.
  • Adjust brakes, derailleurs, bearings (if applicable).
  • Straighten wheels for lateral, and radial defects.
  • Clean, lube, and polish your bicycle.
  • This price of this service includes the installation costs of new consumables (cables, housing, etc) and the installation costs of new parts. (ie: it won't cost anything extra for you to have us install new parts (derailleurs, cranksets, headsets, etc) so now is a great time to upgrade!

The normal cost of our Spa Day Overhaul is $300, but we're offering it at half price: only $150! Bring your bike in today and have it brought back to almost new! The Half-Price deal is around only for a limited time, so don't wait!

*Please note- overhauls do not cover the servicing of suspension forks/shocks, or hydraulic disc brake bleeds. These services are typically very involved and time consuming. You may elect to have these services performed in conjunction with your overhaul at an added cost.