Check this page often for the updated status of our ongoing group rides. If it's a holiday, or the weather is threatening, we will post any changes regarding our rides here. To participate in Pedal Power's group rides, you must fill out a mandatory waiver. All of our rides require the use of a CPSC approved cycling helmet. Click here for more info regarding our group rides.

Facebook Events Page

For the most up to date information on events, check out our Facebook. RSVP for rides and events, stay up to date on any changes, and invite friends and family. 

Weekly Group Rides

6/17/18Sunday Morning MTB Ride8:30AM-No Ride due to Fathers day. Have fun with your DAD!

6/18/18Vernon Monday Night Road RideCANCELLED FOR 6-18 DUE TO THREAT OF THUNDERSTORMS.

Tonight's Rides

A/B Group- Leisureforce  at 17+ MPH. With Ride Leader Brian.
C Group-   Enfield 28 14 - 16 MPH with Alex
D Group-  23 Miles 10 - 12 MPH with 

If you would like to become a Rider Leader. Please see Alex before or after the Ride Commitments need not be every week.

Please make sure you fill out waiver online and grab your season pass before the ride.

6/18/18Middletown Monday Night Road Ride6:00 PM- With the Air quality alert and sudden heat explosion we are pushing our summer solstace rides out a week. We will be doing shorter rides tonight. There are ride leaders for the C and D and E tonight.

Bring two water bottles tonight!

A/B Group- Uphill Both Ways- No Ride leader
C Group-  Guilford Lake Extended with Gary
D Group-  Powder Ridge Backside. Short and sweet, bring $$ for Vichitto's Italian Ice after.
E Group- Bud is leading an E ride tonight. 10- 12 MPH

Please make sure you fill out waiver online and grab your season pass before the ride.
Every TuesdayMiddletown Advanced Mountain Bike Ride- Cedar Lane
6:30PM- The ride is on! Unless other wise noted for excessive rain or other crazy weather. Check the  Facebook Page as well for updates.
6/19/18Vernon Intermediate Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride6:30PM- 8:30PM    6-19-18  Case Pond Lot this week.
Intermediate level, no drop ride at Case Mountain in Manchester. We will pop between parking lots, so check here for start location details.

Middletown Beginner Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride- Wadsworth Falls6:30PM Start Time 4-5mph Pace


I have no way of checking waivers that have been signed at the trail. Please stop into your local shop and pick up your band for the season! Click the link below to fill out your waiver if you haven't.

Please make sure you fill out waiver online.
6/19/18Berlin Tuesday Night Mountain Ride
6:15PM - Come join us for the new Berlin MTB ride! This will be a fun no-drop ride at Crescent Lake in Southington/New Britain. The trails are intermediate level, and the ride will be at a moderate pace, and all about having fun and improving your skills. Park in the dirt lot across the street from Rogers Orchard, Southington . If interested please stop in prior to the ride to get a waiver on file.
6/20/18Essex Wednesday Night Road Ride6:00PM
If you go in front of the ride leader, make sure you grab a cue sheet so that you know where you are going. You can also click the links below and download the route onto your GPS computer.

A/B TBA 17+mph Avg  <--Bring $2 for the Ferry Ride itself! Otherwise, enjoy the swim!

C TBA 14-16mph Avg

D TBA 14mph and below Avg

Please make sure you fill out waiver online and grab your season pass before the ride.
06/21/18Berlin Thursday Night Road Ride6:00PM -  Rides for all abilities UPDATE Sadly we won't be cooking this week, but will be back at next week. Please tell any friends you know on the ride.

A/B Group Durham Dairy Swirl 17+ mph Jake is back
C Group-  Ridge Loop 14-16mph No Bill this week, so if anyone has GPS and wants to try leading we would appreciate it.
D Group- Barbara is back, loop dependent on rider turn out.

Please make sure you fill out waiver online and grab your season pass before the ride.

Middletown Saturday Morning Road Ride
Dave F. will be leading a Saturday Morning Road Ride.
Meet in the back parking lot at 8:45 AM.

Durham Loop- 14-16 MPH average

 Please sign a waiver before you ride.