"We Make Riding Fun!"

Celebrating over 20 years of making riding fun! Located in Middletown, Vernon, Essex, & Berlin.


About Pedal Power

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Our Mission:

To make Pedal Power the bicycle retailer of choice for all cyclists by providing superior service, quality products, and fostering long-lasting relationships with our community.

Pedal Power's purpose is to increase the number of cyclists in the community. We do this through enabling non-cycling people to ride and by motivating current cyclists to ride more often.

What makes Pedal Power the bicycle retailer of choice in Connecticut?

Multiple convenient locations to serve you, seven days a week. Pedal Power has been consistently voted as one of "America's Best Bicycle Shops" for over 8 years. Our service departments have over 30 years combined experience. Pedal Power has been in business for over 35 years.

What Makes Pedal Power Different?

  • Knowledge:
    Our sales and service staff are kept current through various training programs throughout the year and regular staff meetings.
  • Attitude:
    Your needs & requests come first! Our staff are all riders that love cycling in many ways; we love cycling for the same reasons you do! We all want to be here. We want to help you ride more and have more fun on your bicycle. The right people with the right goals!
  • Empathy:
    There is no such thing as a dumb question. You should feel comfortable asking anything about cycling (and you're probably not the first to ask it!). We love sharing the knowledge that we've accumulated over the years, and love helping everyone get the most out of their riding.
  • Selection:
    We have a wide range of product (in all of our locations) compared with most bicycle shops. We currently do business with over 100 different vendors. 
  • Quality:
    Our staff, products and service are outstanding. We treat people the way we expect to be treated when we spend our money and free-time. We strive for "Do it once, do it right". If we drop the ball, we'll own it and make it right.

Meet our Staff

Hint: Click on our staff's profile photo for more pictures of them in action!

Bill: Bill is co-owner of Pedal Power. He picked up biking in 1989 while in college, starting in road biking and triathlons. 1990 is when bikes took center stage for him. He moved to and began working full-time in a small shop in eastern Connecticut. It was all bikes; road, dirt, old and new. After 5 years of learning the business, he and his business partner, Gary, ventured off on their own and purchased Pedal Power. They started at 500 Main St. in an 1800 sq ft space, and in 2000 moved to their present location at 359 Main. Over the years, Bill's been an avid mountain biker and road biker. He's even dabbled on the track. Now, as the years march on, he continues to ride while trying not to get dropped!
Gary: Gary is co-owner of Pedal Power. He is a life-long cyclist, & typically logs between 3 & 5 thousand miles a season. He rides both road & mountain bikes, and has completed the Mt Washington Hill Climb several years running. Gary also leads several Pedal Power road & mountain group rides per week, throughout the year. There are few places Gary would rather be than on his bike, jumping rocks in the woods, or sprinting for the town-line, or training to chase his PR up Mt. Washington.
SpencerSpencer has been repairing bikes since the 80's. He can normally be found in the woods walking or riding his 29ner with his dog Iris. He also leads the E group ride on Monday's road ride, when his decrepit, arthritic body allows. (Editor's note: these are Spencer's direct words, not ours!)
Pedal Power Dean DeanDean has been professionally servicing bikes since 2000 (over 15 years!). His experience combined with his business degree lend the perfect balance to running Vernon's service department. Outside of work, Dean can be found killin' it hiking, snowboarding, riding his bmx bike, and getting rad!
Peter: Peter has been with Pedal Power since 2005. His favorite bike is his Surly Long Haul Trucker, which took him across the country with the non-profit group Bike and Build in 2012. You can frequently find Peter and his wife riding the Farmington Canal Rail Trail, and he enjoys riding mountain bikes at Miller's Pond and Rockland Preserve. When Peter is not at the bike shop, he is helping his wife run their wedding photography studio whose work has been published in many local and national magazines and blogs.
Paul: I have been working at Pedal Power since 2003 and riding bicycles for 30+ years. Road riding has been my passion, but recently I got back into mountain biking. FAT BIKES ROCK!!! Working at Pedal Power allows me to meet awesome folks and make riding fun! My favorite ride is anywhere with beer at the end and hills in between!!
Todd H- Todd has been working with Pedal Power for over 10 years as a mechanic and has been loving every single minute of it! He has several bikes, all of which are colorful and fast. When he's not riding his bike or working at the shop, he enjoys Premier League soccer, video games, craft beer and hanging with friends and family. Strike up a conversation with him! He's a fun guy to talk too!
Alex: Alex mainly works in Pedal Power's Vernon location. He leads our mellow Monday road ride and a variety of other group rides like our winter trainer rides & Bikes & Beer rides in the Spring & Summer. When he's not out on his bike or riding on the rail trail, he can be found in his second home: the kitchen: cooking, hanging out with friends and family. Outside of cycling he enjoys hiking, camping and kayaking. He also enjoys a good night of netflix and video games.
Kendra: Kendra started working at Pedal Power in the Middletown location in 2010, these days she’s mostly found working in Essex. She loves riding roads whether they are paved or dirt, and has been touring and camping by bicycle even before she was off training wheels (thanks to her parents' willingness to tow her in a trailer across much of Idaho). Lately she has also been dipping her toe into mountain biking with her fat bike. In her free time Kendra enjoys hiking, horse back riding, and going on adventures with her husband, Jim.

Todd S: Todd has been cycling for 40 years. He enjoy the outdoors all year round in any weather. Hikes with his dog, rides mountain bike, cyclocross and road. Todd competed in many races over the years in many disiplines. Winning  the 50+ new england mtb series in 2006 was his biggest accomplishment in that area of cycling. Todd also likes riding in a group and leads wednesday road and mountain bike rides in Essex. Billiards is another passion of his and he plays league and tournament pool. Snowboarding is also another activity he enjoys in his off-hours.  Todd has been working in the cycling industry for the past 14 yrs helping people discover the joy of riding a bike and getting fit.

Jake: If you've had your bicycle receive expert service in our Middletown location, chances are Jake has worked his magic on it! When he's not overhaul suspension forks or expertly tuning in your shifting, Jake enjoys mountain biking, road riding, and the occassional mountain or cyclocross race.
Matt B: I really enjoy my position here at Pedal Power working with new and current customers! It's a thrill for me to help start someone's cycling journey and help them pick out a new bike and accessories to get them started. I enjoy Pedal Powers' group rides, exploring mountain and airline trails with friends, and commuting to work on my fitness hybrid. I use cycling as a tool for my general enjoyment and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Outside of work, I love spending time with my Fiance, going to the movies, taking on household projects, cooking and partaking in anything that requires creativity and skill. One of my absolute favorite things is working on my saltwater reef aquarium. What interests me most about reef aquariums is all the engineering and science that is required to maintain a healthy system. At the end of the day I like to sit back, relax, and look back at all the hard work. I look forward to seeing you in the shop!
Katie: I have loved riding and racing bikes ever since high school. In my spare time my husband teaches me to mountain bike in the woods near our house. I also love to race an occasional cyclocross or mountain bike race. Pedal Power's Monday night road ride is probably one my favorite group rides. I enjoy chatting with riders along the beautiful roads! My future goals include teaching women riders more about road, mountain and cyclocross riding, and coaching riders for recreational or competitive events.

TimTim J began working with bikes after a career in freelance illustration and design. Outside of work when not riding, he likes to travel, look at and make art, read, meditate, practice welding, and cook spicy food.

Bryan: Bryan has been a technician & bike assembler at Pedal Power for many years now. When he's not wrenching away, he can be found riding street, dirt, or skateparks on his BMX bike.
Dawa: Dawa has competed in many tri's, with a focus on 70.3 Ironmen distance. He's currently training (& looking forward) to Mont Tremblant Montreal 70.3 in June and the Maine 70.3 in August.