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Summer Cycling Checklist

Pedal Power Summer Checklist

Summer Checklist

The Summer vacation season is upon us! By now, you've certainly made plans on where you're going to go, and what kind of riding you're going to do. Maybe you're still firming up those plans or adjusting last minute logistics? Now is the perfect time to make sure your gear is ready to withstand your vacation relaxing! Use Pedal Power's handy check list to make sure you get to make the most of your vacation time and avoid potential snags along the way.

  • 3-4 weeks before you leave, make sure your bike is tuned up & ready to ride. Don't wait until the week or day(s) before you leave!! Summer is Pedal Power's busiest time of year and there are lots of other folks getting their bikes tuned & repaired for vacation as well. If you're super busy, consider booking an appointment with our service department so we can reserve some time to work on your bike(s).

  • T-Minus 2-3 weeks out, inspect your car rack. Are there any missing or loose parts? Can't remember where you put the little bolts when you took the bike trays off your car this past winter? Are those 10+ year old nylon straps dried out & ready to fall apart? You don't have a bike rack? How are you going to get everyone's bike to the beach/mountains/grandma's house? 2-3 weeks will ensure that if we have to order parts to get your rack to work, you won't be stressing out over transportation issues.

  • 1-2 weeks out, check your gear. Is your helmet gross, worn out, or cracked? How bout those water bottles or hydration pack? Growing a science experiment in there? Do your kids refuse to ride with you because your 15 year old cycling shorts are see-through? Cycling shoes so gross the dog won't even go near them? Do you have spare tubes, tools, and stuff to fix minor issues when you're out on your epic vacation ride? Stop by Pedal Power and refresh your worn out, stinky, or broken/missing gear. We'd love to help you find the right stuff to make your vacation a breeze! (Bonus points for taking care of this step when you drop off your bike for service or stop in to check out car racks!)

Want to take your bikes on vacation but are a little wary having never before tried it? Pedal Power staff are cycling vacation experts! We've taken our bikes all over the country and have some great, practical tips & tricks to make the cycling on your vacation fun & stress-less! Stop in or give us a call to help set you up!