"We Make Riding Fun!"

Celebrating over 20 years of making riding fun! Located in Middletown, Vernon, Essex, & Berlin.


Check this page often for the updated status of our ongoing group rides. If it's a holiday, or the weather is threatening, we will post any changes regarding our rides here. To participate in Pedal Power's group rides, you must fill out a mandatory waiver. All of our rides require the use of a CPSC approved cycling helmet. Click here for more info regarding our group rides.

Weekly Group Rides

Date Ride Status


Sunday Morning Intermediate MTB Ride

8:30am - Concaponsette! Exit 8 Beaver Meadow Commuter lot! Gary


Monday Road Ride  in Middletown

6:00PM - The E group will be riding with Spencer.
The D group is riding with Paul on the D Ride Classic loop.
The C+ group is going out with Katie on the Short Foot Hills Loop, and Bill is following with the rest of the C group.
The B group is leading themselves out on the Durham Loop.
Who wants Gary to ride with them? Claim him for your group riding entertainment!

Dont forget to sign you waiver online!


Monday Road Ride in Vernon

6:00PM- Tonight the D group will be riding 15 mile route with Ride Leader Dave. Avg speed 10mph to 13mph

The C group will be split into two smaller groups. The C group is riding Mellow Loop. Ride Leader Tony will be leading one group. Alex will be leading the other. Avg speed 14mph to 16mph

The C+/B- group will be riding the Mellow Loop, with Ride Leader Kim Avg speed 15mph to 17mph

The B group will be riding Black River Loop, with Dawa. Avg speed 17mph to 19mph

Dont forget to sign you waiver online!


Tuesday Night Intermediate MTB Ride - Middletown

6:30PM - Rain Rain go away, we are not riding today.


Tuesday Night Beginner MTB Ride- Wadsworth

6:30PM- No ride tonight - Todd


Wednesday Night Road Ride - Essex

6:00PM - Todd S is leading the B's on Saybrook Point Long at 17-19 mph.

Todd H is leading the C's on Browns Lane at 14-16 mph.

Peter is leading the D's on Plum Bank Loop II at 11-13 mph.

Be sure to fill out our waiver and check in for your season pass before the ride.


Thursday Night Road Ride- Berlin 

6:00PM- Looks like the clouds should clear up a bit and we can ride! Last week was a good turnout, let's make this week great and we all hope you can all stay for the BBQ after!

66-62*, parly cloudy, 5-15% chance of rain, winds S 5-10mph, sunset: 7:45pm


A/B - Roger's Orchard (20.7 total miles)

C - Southington Preview (15.9 total miles)

D - Cromwell Figure Eight (13.7 total miles)



Saturday Morning Road Ride - Middletown

9:00AM - We've had trouble getting this ride lead out.  If anyone is interested in leading a kick-back ride on Sat morning.  Let us know.  We'll post it.  It can be any pace!

Got a Rear Light?

All of our evening rides this time of year recomend the use of a good, powerful blinky tail light! We have demos available if you'd like to try before you buy. Just let us know!